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pdf-iconStrike Action - 5th/ 7th July2023
pdf-iconStrike Action - 15th / 16th March 2023
pdf-iconNon Uniform Day- Disaster Relief Fund 2023
pdf-iconProposal to increase staff training days 2023
pdf-iconStrike Action Letter 2023
pdf-iconAttendance Letter 2022
pdf-iconPTA News Autumn 2022
pdf-icon12/09/22 - Bank Holiday - Monday 19th September 2022
pdf-icon14/09/22 - After School Christmas craft workshop
pdf-icon18/02/22 - End of Year Letter
pdf-icon04/02/22 - National Online Safety Letter
pdf-icon04/02/22 - Prom Letter
pdf-icon04/02/22 - Pyjama Day
pdf-icon01/02/22 - 6th Form Consultation Evening
pdf-icon29/11/21 - Covid Updated Measures in School
pdf-icon16/11/21 - Covid19
pdf-icon01/10/2021 - Change of November Training Day
pdf-icon30/09/2021 - Free School Meals
pdf-icon09/09/2021 - Planning Permission Letter
pdf-icon16/07/2021 - Government's new guidance on contract track and trace in schools
pdf-icon04/07/2021 - School Trips Suspension Letter
pdf-icon23/06/2021 - New Build Letter
pdf-icon22/06/2021 - Safety Measure Reminder Letter
pdf-icon21/06/2021 - Letter to Parents from Gavin Williamson
pdf-icon19/05/2021 - Reading Resources Letter
pdf-icon19/05/2021 - Reading Resources Letter
pdf-icon10/05/2021 - School Logo Results Letter
pdf-icon30/04/2021 - School Logo Survey Letter
pdf-icon31/03/2021 - Parent Governor Letter
pdf-icon29/03/2021 - Easter Letter
pdf-icon25/03/2021 - Training Days Letter
pdf-icon15/03/2021 - Parents Evening Yr 11,12,13 & 14 Letter
pdf-icon05/03/2021 - Covid-19 Testing Consent Form Letter
pdf-icon05/03/2021 - Birmingham Parent / Carer Forum Leaflet
pdf-icon05/03/2021 - Home to School Transport Letter
pdf-icon04/03/2021 - Letter from Cllr Ian Ward - Return to School
pdf-icon01/03/2021 - Return to School Arrangements Letter
pdf-icon12/02/2021 - Remote Education Parents Letter
pdf-icon08/02/2021 - Safer Internet Day Letter
pdf-icon08/02/2021 - Safer Internet Day Poster
pdf-icon05/02/2021 - Careers Advisor Letter
pdf-icon25/01/2021 - Councillor Ward Letter
pdf-icon19/01/2021 - Achieve Class Closure Letter
pdf-icon08/01/2021 - Speech & Language Support to Letter
pdf-icon08/01/2021 - Zoom & Purple Mash Workshop Letter
pdf-icon05/01/2021 - Remote Education Letter
pdf-icon31/12/2020 - Return January 2021 Testing-Letter
pdf-icon18/12/2020 -Arrangements for January Letter
pdf-icon24/11/2020 - Staff Wellness Day - Letter
pdf-icon16/11/2020 - Travel Assist - Letter
pdf-icon12/11/2020 - Letter to SEND children and families from Minister Ford
pdf-icon10/11/2020 - Closure of Transport Bubble Letter
pdf-icon10/11/2020 - 6.3,6.4,6.5,6.6,6.7,11E Bubble Closure Letter
pdf-icon06/11/2020 - Dr Justin Varney Letter
pdf-icon06/11/2020 - 10N Closure and Home Learning Letter
pdf-icon02/11/2020 - Update and Face Covering Letter
pdf-icon08/10/2020 - 6th Form Closure Letter
pdf-icon21/09/2020 - Dr Just Varney Letter
pdf-icon18/09/2020 - Welcome back Letter

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