Independent Travel Training

At Queensbury, our aim is to support our students in becoming independent when they leave school or before, depending on their individual needs through Independent Travel Training.

Independent Travel Training is a bespoke service offered to our KS 4 & KS 5 students to allow them to travel independently from home to school or college. Independent Travel Training gives those vital skills and confidence to be able to access more social, further educational and potentially employment opportunities in the future.

Independent Travel Training builds on a variety of skills, be that confidence, using buses, trains or trams, using money, reading time tables, tips on who to ask for help.

Our training helps students gain

·        More confidence

·        Road Safety Skills

·        Bus Skills/Train Skills

·        Ability to route plan and learn their identified route

·        Personal Safety

·        What to do in an emergency

We will also refer to our own knowledge of the students, including any risk assessments or particular needs. These are all taken into account when route planning.

Many of our students learn their route quickly; however using public transport can often mean students need to react to unplanned situations. For example, if the bus is late or does not arrive, if there is a diversion, someone new talks to them etc. We support our students by building in questions that allow them to deal with emergencies.

Independent Travel Training is a big step for any of our students, this is why training is on a one to one basis – everybody is different, their needs and routes are different.

The safety and welfare of our students is of paramount importance. We will not sign off a student as independent until the training is completed and both the student, school and Parents/Carers agree they are safe and ready to do so.

Anybody can apply or refer students; students themselves, staff or Parents/Carers. Travel Training can only work when everyone is fully supporting the student towards independence.

For further information and to discuss the Independent Travel Training scheme further, please contact Liz Richards via the school office.