Independent Travel Training

Queensbury School’s Policy and Aim is to support our students in becoming independent when they leave school or before, depending on their individual needs.
School has a very strong Independent Travel Training Programme; we aim to develop independent skills suitable to each and every student. We offer a bespoke
Independent Travel Training package for those students wishing to travel to and from home to school or college. Our training consists of, Individual Risk Assessments, and Individual Ability Assessments to ensure the safety of the students, prior to them becoming independent travellers. These skills are vital an important for many of our students seeking mainstream college placements upon leaving Queensbury.


Parents /Carers are responsible for getting their child (ren) to and from school Travel Assist, Birmingham City Council are responsible for organising transport
arrangements and not the school. You can find more information from Those who are unable to get their child (ren) to school can be considered for Travel assistance through Birmingham City Council. Queensbury School, are currently provided with Public Transport Guides, to assist in escorting our Students to and from school, together with minibus transport. If you feel that your circumstances are exceptional, you should initially speak to
school, explain your circumstances and provide evidence. School may support your request, and be willing to help you complete the Transport Referral form.
If a Transport Referral form is completed and submitted, then the Local Authority will determine what level of assistance will be provided and notify you in writing. Should your application be declined then you have the right to appeal. If you are awarded specialised transport, it will either be a Guide using Public
Transport (e.g. West Midlands Travel) or a Minibus (only awarded under exceptional circumstances)

Public Transport (Guided)

If your child is allocated a Guide on public transport, you are required to bring your child to school on the first day of term at 9.00am in order to meet the Guide. A free school bus pass and identification card will be obtained for your child. You will be informed of these arrangements before the end of the Summer Term.

Relief Guides

Where possible Parents/Carers are notified when The Local Authority has difficulty in obtaining a Relief Guide . In the event that the student’s usual Guide is absent for any reason, it is usual that the minibus does not run on the first day of an absence. In the event of Guide absence, Parents/Carers are responsible for escorting their child to and from school. Thereafter, it is usually possible to obtain a Relief Guide for minibus routes. However, it is very difficult for the Local Authority to find Relief Guides for public transport routes, due to the nature of travel. For example, the Relief Guide may not be familiar with a bus route, able to identify the students or know all the meeting times/places for each student. If possible, other Pupil Guides may be able to escort the students on a temporary basis along with their own students whilst the usual Guide is absent.