Advice for parents and carers working at home with their child

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If you need to contact a Teacher or Faculty Leader during a school closure, please use the email addresses below. Please allow 48 hours for a response. The Secondary and 6th Form Class Pages will give you a brief overview of what topic your child is currently studying.

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Remote Learning Arrangements

The Remote Curriculum: What Is Taught to Students At Home

A student’s first day or two of being educated remotely might look different from our standard approach, while we take all necessary actions to prepare for a longer period of remote teaching.

What should my child expect from immediate remote education in the first day or two of students being sent home?

Students will use the below sites to aid their learning in the first instance when they are sent home. There is a range of activities and resources on these sites, please feel free to contact the child’s form tutor for further guidance if required.

Following the first few days of remote education, will my child be taught broadly the same curriculum as they would if they were in school and what would this look like?

Upon the event of a whole class or bubble closure, students’ education will continue using a range of online platforms, Zoom will be used to stream lessons (two lessons per day) and for the remainder of the lessons each day, students will be set online learning activities using Purple Mash. Please see below the plan for live streaming lessons each day during a class or bubble closure;

· Live stream lesson one – 9:15am -10:25am

· Live stream lesson two – 10:40am -11:50am

· Learning activities for the remainder of each day (12:25-14:45pm) will be available on Purple Mash

· Form time welfare catch-up – 14.45pm -15.05pm

Accessing Remote Education

How will my child access any online remote education you are providing?

All live streamed lessons will be on ‘Zoom’ and the afternoon activities will be set on Purple Mash. A text message, email or message via Weduc will be sent to you to let you know the log in details for the Zoom live streamed lessons. All log in details for purple Mash has been shared with students and parents, if you need a copy of these please contact your child’s form tutor.

Students will complete their work either directly on the online platform (Purple Mash) or will be able to complete their working using a range of software packages (Word, excel, powerpoint etc…) and submitting them either by emailing them to their teacher (each class has an email address) or uploading it onto the online platform. If a student is completing paper copies of their work, this work can either be dropped off or posted to school, to be marked by their teacher. If you are finding it difficult sending paper copies back to school please call or email the school and the child’s form tutor will be in touch to support.

If my child does not have digital or online access at home, how will you support them to access remote education?

For students who do not have internet access; the school will provide either electronic equipment or paper copies of the students’ learning activities. Paper copies of the student’s learning activities will be posted. If they are having problems accessing online remote learning, please can we ask that parents get in touch with their child’s form tutor either by calling (0121 373 5731) or emailing ( the school as soon as possible. We also ask you to complete our remote learning survey

Engagement and Feedback

What are your expectations for my child’s engagement and the support that we as parents and carers should provide at home?

Assuming they are well enough to work, students are expected to: 

  • Complete all work set for them and submitting work which is requested for feedback promptly. 
  • Check Purple Mash regularly and read and respond to communication from the school.
  • Ensure that their IT equipment is fully charged and accessible at the start of each day. Where students experience problems with IT systems they should proactively inform their form tutor to seek advice and support.
  • Log into Zoom each day and virtually attend their two streamed lessons in the morning and the form time welfare catch up.

What are your expectations regarding the support that we as parents and carers should provide at home?

Parents/Carers can support the School:

  • By ensuring that their child attempts the home learning set. 
  • By providing a suitable place for their child to carry out their home learning – try to avoid all obvious distractions, TV, radio, phone calls, text messages etc.
  • By encouraging and praising their child when they have attempted/completed the home learning.
  • By becoming actively involved and supporting their child with their home learning activities.
  • By making it clear that they value the home learning activities and that they support the school by explaining how it can help their child’s learning.

How will you assess my child’s work and progress?

Feedback can take many forms and may not always mean extensive written comments for individual children. For example, whole-class feedback or quizzes marked automatically via digital platforms are also valid and effective methods, amongst many others. Our approach to feeding back on student work is as follows:

On Purple Mash student’s work will be marked and written feedback given. During live streamed lessons students will be given verbal feedback throughout and staff will design opportunities for students to complete quizzes/verbal question and answer sessions and where appropriate students will be invited to write their answers in the comment box (on Zoom). In the event of an end of topic test the staff member will either email out the test or post it, for the student/s to complete and send back to school for marking/written feedback.

Additional support for pupils with particular needs

How will you work with me to help my child who needs additional support from adults at home to access remote education?

We recognise that some pupils, for example some pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home. We acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families, and we will work with parents and carers to support those pupils by offering regular online workshops for parents and carers to upskill their knowledge to access online learning and supporting their child. We also offer targeted one to one intervention Zoom sessions lead by members of staff for our most vulnerable students to support them with their learning and wellbeing. Parents and carers can also request one to one support through our home learning team, please call or email the school to request this support. We also have a family support worker and mentor team who are available to give advice over the phone/online and in some cases complete home visits (whilst following government guidance regarding COVID 19). If a home visit is requested, staff will be wearing full PPE and only complete the visit if it is deemed absolutely necessary.

Remote Education for Self-Isolating Students

Where individual students need to self-isolate but the majority of their peer group remains in school, how remote education is provided will likely differ from the approach for whole groups. This is due to the challenges of teaching students both at home and in school.

If my child is not in school because they are self-isolating, how will their remote education differ from the approaches described above?

Students will need to log into Purple Mash and complete activities that are set for them. If they are unable to access this or would prefer paper activities, please can you contact their form tutor as soon as possible and request a work pack to be sent home.