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pdf-iconAll visitors must report to
reception on arrival and sign in, where they will be issued with the relevant coloured badge, which should be worn and visible at all times.
pdf-iconOn hearing the alarm, exit by the nearest fire exit and make your way out of the building to the playground (fire assembly point). If you are responsible for students make sure you leave the building with all your students.
pdf-iconBefore using the internet, or school network you will be asked to read and agree to an acceptable use agreement. The terms of this agreement should be followed at all times.
pdf-iconThe use of mobile phones is
prohibited, whilst students are on site.
pdf-iconFor all First Aid requirements, please go directly to the main school office where trained staff will be able to assist you.
pdf-iconPhotographing or recording using any type of mobile device without prior permission is strictly

Queensbury’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (Child Protection Officer) is Mr N Khan . He can be contacted through the school office on 0121 373 5731 or via email

Our Designated Lead for Looked After Children is Mrs B Adnan.

Our named Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Miss D. Faragher. Please forward any queries regarding data protection to

All children have a right to protection from physical neglect, sexual and emotional abuse.

Queensbury School aims to provide a safe and secure environment in which children can thrive and develop, and where all aspects of their welfare are promoted. All those who come into contact with children and families in their everyday work have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. This includes paid staff, volunteers, students on placement, parents who assist with the project’s activities, sessional workers and so on. For this reason everyone working with children and families for or on behalf of Queensbury School must be familiar with, and follow, this policy and guidance.

As part of the ethos of our school, the staff and Governors are committed to:

~Encouraging and supporting parents / carers / and in working in partnership with them;
~Listening to and valuing each individual pupil or young person;
~Ensuring that all members of staff, both teaching and support, full-time and part time, are properly      trained and understand the procedures they have to follow.

Queensbury School fully supports the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership Procedures and the Birmingham Local Education Authority Child Protection Procedures. The school follows the RIGHT HELP, RIGHT TIME model in keeping children safe.

When Queensbury School appoints it follows a selection process designed to assess the candidate’s suitability to work with vulnerable groups including children. Checks will be made to ensure that the information provided by any potential employee or volunteer is accurate. An Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check will be undertaken to screen any employees or volunteers for any offences they may have committed against children. All disclosures of any kind will be followed up with the employee or volunteer and where any possible risk is identified this will be considered in terms of impact on their ability to work at Queensbury School.

The school follows the policy and guidelines of appointments as laid down by Lord Lamings report of Safer Recruitment 2009. All staff and volunteers go through the recommended recruitment process and are registered on the schools Single Central Register.

Visitors: Click here to download a copy of our Safeguarding Leaflet
External Agencies: Click here to download a copy of our Safeguarding Handbook

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