Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) at Queensbury School

The SALT team work with students with a range of communication difficulties. The team work closely with teaching staff, parents, education support agencies and other health professionals.

Senior Speech and Language Therapist

Phone – 0121 373 5731 ext. 223

Intent – Personalised speech and language targets and total communication environment (TCE) support in order to develop communication skills.

Implement – Therapy sessions individually or as a group, class targets or class support offered.

Impact – Students’ communication skills improved to support social and educational development


The SALT team will seek parental written consent for a Speech and Language Assessment at Queensbury School.  Following assessment students may receive direct therapy or speech and language targets for integration into their educational objectives. Speech and Language progress is reported at students’ Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) meetings.

Students on the SALT caseload experience difficulties with:

  • Using clear speech
  • Listening to and understanding language
  • Talking in words and sentences
  • Social interaction (i.e. eye contact, conversational skills etc.)
  • Dysfluent speech (i.e. stuttering) 
  • To work towards a ‘Total Communication Environment’ across the school. Including the use of Alternative and Augmentative communication (AAC) systems (e.g. Objects of Reference, symbols, Makaton signs, Picture Exchange Communication System – PECS etc.). 
  • To work towards achieving ‘Makaton Friendly’ status for Queensbury School. The school now has a ‘Sign of the Week’ board and all doors signage uses Makaton symbols.
  • To provide teaching staff with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Speech and Language opportunities (e.g. ELKLAN, Makaton, Colourful Semantics etc.).