How we Assess Progress at Queensbury School

Assessment Cycle
Wilson Stuart P-Steps
Queensbury Skills Framework
Future Steps

As well as formal accreditations we enrol all students on the Skills Builder Programme.

We track all students on this programme which targets 8 core skills which will enable young people to have a functional role in the community post sixth form.

The following principles from the Department for Education have been considered in our approach to assessment:

How we assess learning?

  1. Give reliable information to parents about how their child, and their child’s school, is performing.
  2. Help drive improvement for pupils and teachers.
  3. Make sure the school is keeping up with external best practice and innovation.
  • The principle of assessment is to check and identify what a child understands and what they need to learn next.
    This is done on a daily and lesson by lesson basis.
  • Progress is also checked on a termly basis.
  • Targets are set for the end of each year and end of each Key Stage.
  • Some pupils will undertake tests and exams during the academic year.
  • Every child will receive a written report during the year surrounding their progress.
  • The school uses an assessment system based from Wilson Stuart P Steps.
  • Education Health Care Plan Targets form the holistic focus in a child’s IEP (Individual Education Plan).
  • The system can automatically generate reports saving time for staff and more importantly allow teachers to teach!

Certificates and Awards

  • Students unable to take Entry Level Qualifications will undertake vocational awards and certificates developing their understanding of the world, independence and communication.
  • Our Discovery Classes are likely to undertake awards and accreditations that develop their social skills communication and move them towards independence.