Queensbury School is a Secondary Special School, which educates up to 250 students aged between 11 – 19, who have Moderate Learning Difficulties. Many of our students have additional needs such as communication disorders including Autism. Moderate Learning Difficulties may be referred to on a child’s Statement of Special Educational Need or EHC Plan with comments such as a ‘global learning difficulty’, ‘significant difficulty with literacy and numeracy skills’ or a child may have a primary diagnosis such as Autism and have additional learning needs which require additional support.

We recognise that our young people have a variety of complex Special Needs and we believe that they are effectively supported by bespoke interventions in order to assist them in achieving their full potential. The teaching methods and strategies we use aim to address our students’ individual needs and abilities and ensure both personal development and academic progress.

The curriculum at Queensbury covers from ‘P Level’ 5 for our Year 7 students up to GCSE and therefore students below P level 5 at Year 6 would find it difficult to manage the expectations of our curriculum, the teaching styles and the speed of delivery. As Queensbury is funded for students with moderate learning difficulties we often have only 1 Teacher and 1 Teaching Assistant in each classroom, therefore we are not able to support students with higher support needs such as behavioural difficulties.

As a Special School we only take children on roll who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an EHC Plan.

For further information on our admissions arrangements, please contact SENAR: SEN Assessment and Review, PO Box 16289, B2 2XN. Telephone: 0121 303 1888. Emergency out-of-hours: 0121 675 4806