Our Venture Curriculum currently only operates in Key Stage 3 and is designed to be a bridge between our Explorer and Navigator Curriculum’s. It is mainly accessed by our students who have Social Emotional and Mental Health difficulties. Young people that may have had gaps in their prior education or attended Pupil Referral Units (PRU’s) at primary. Class sizes are smaller than our other classes and have a higher level of adult support. Foundation learning takes place for preparation for higher Entry Level qualifications and/or formal GCSE’s. The curriculum is designed to incorporate ‘active learning’ and gives sufficient flexibility to follow a thematic approach and the time needed to meet the individual student’s needs. Students learning to cope with their emotions and mental health is at the core of the programme. Students will have individual targets set to help them cope with academic learning and appropriate behaviour. Interventions are also available. Classes have consistent staff to help build rapport and bonds. Students are typically working within our assessment system – ‘WS Progress steps’ of P6 to P18.

Curriculum Structures

Structure of Day

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