pdf-icon20/08/2020 - GCSE and Entry Level Results Letter
pdf-icon04/08/2020 - Jack Dromey MP DfE Funding Support Letter
pdf-icon16/07/2020 - Birmingham City Council Letter to Parents and Carers
pdf-icon15/07/2020 - KS3 Assistant Head Welcome Letter
pdf-icon15/07/2020 - Year 7 Transition Day Letter
pdf-icon15/07/2020 - Coronavirus and End of Year Letter
pdf-icon30/06/2020 - Year 7 Transition Letter
pdf-icon24/06/2020 - Coronavirus Update 8 Letter
pdf-icon05/06/2020 - Zoom Welfare Meetings Letter
pdf-icon22/05/2020 - Coronavirus Update 7 - Re-opening the School
pdf-icon22/05/2020 - Parents Q & A - Re-opening the School
pdf-icon05/05/2020 - Coronavirus Update Key Worker & Vulnerable Students Provision Letter
pdf-icon29/04/2020 - Coronavirus Update PPE Letter
pdf-icon17/04/2020 - Coronavirus Update Letter
pdf-icon07/04/2020 - Ofqual GCSE Summer 2020 Letter
pdf-icon03/04/2020 - Easter Letter
pdf-icon02/04/2020 - English GCSE Letter
pdf-icon02/04/2020 - School to home contact Letter
pdf-icon31/03/2020 - School Closure Working Virtually Letter
pdf-icon24/03/2020 - School Nursing Letter
pdf-icon20/03/2020 - Key Worker School Closure Letter
pdf-icon20/03/2020 - School Closure Letter
pdf-icon18/03/2020 - Emergency Contact Details Letter
pdf-icon17/03/2020 - Coronavirus Update 4 Letter
pdf-icon13/03/2020 - Parents Evening Survey Letter
pdf-icon13/03/2020 - Corona Virus Update Letter
pdf-icon11/03/2020 - Chickenpox and Shingles Letter
pdf-icon10/03/2020 - Corona Virus Letter
pdf-icon05/03/2020 - Family Forum Meetings Letter
pdf-icon05/03/2020 - Castle Vale Pool Letter
pdf-icon27/02/2020 - School Closure Letter
pdf-icon13/02/2020 - SENTAS Letter
pdf-icon05/02/2020 - Chatroom App Discord Letter
pdf-icon05/02/2020 - Coronavirus Letter
pdf-icon05/02/2020 - Letter to The Thompson Family Charitable Trust from the Headteacher
pdf-icon05/02/2020 - Donation from The Thompson Family Charitable Trust Letter
pdf-icon05/02/2020 -Letter From The Thompson Family Charitable Trust
pdf-icon05/02/2020 - Shingles Letter
pdf-icon04/02/2020 - Headteacher Update Letter
pdf-icon15/01/2020 - Parent Carer Survey Letter
pdf-icon08/01/2020 - Welcome Back Letter
pdf-icon08/01/2020 - Dinner Money Letter
pdf-icon18/12/2019 - Hygiene in School Letter
pdf-icon18/12/2019 - Head Teacher Employment Letter
pdf-icon12/12/2019 - New Communication WEDUC Letter
pdf-icon11/12/2019 - Christmas Party Letter
pdf-icon11/12/2019 - End of Term Letter
pdf-icon10/12/2019 - Christmas Fayre Letter
pdf-icon06/12/2019 - Noro Virus Letter
pdf-icon06/12/2019 - UNICO Live App Letter
pdf-icon04/12/2019 - Christmas Jumper Day Letter
pdf-icon04/12/2019 - Go 4 Green Letter
pdf-icon27/11/2019 - No Smoking Letter
pdf-icon22/11/2019 - Food Bank Collection
pdf-icon15/11/2019 - Road Safety Week Letter
pdf-icon15/11/2019 - No Parking Letter
pdf-icon14/11/2019 - Christmas Craft Workshop
pdf-icon13/11/2019 - Parking Promise Letter
pdf-icon08/11/2019 - Children in Need Letter
pdf-icon23/10/2019 - Poppy Appeal Letter
pdf-icon23/10/19 Halloween Disco Letter
18/10/2019 - Travel Assist Contact Details
pdf-icon16/10/2019 - Late Collection Letter
pdf-icon10/10/2019 - SEND Letter - Coventry City Council
pdf-icon04/10/2019 - Halloween Disco Letter
pdf-icon27/09/2019 - Parent Questionnaire Results
pdf-icon25/09/2019 - Homework Letter
pdf-icon05/09/2019 - Welcome back Letter
pdf-iconIEP Meetings / Future Options Letter