Spotlight Webinar – Streamed Home Learning

Queensbury School provided a Live webinar on 9th July 2020 for other professionals across the region to see how Zoom streamed lessons can work and prevent narrowing of  the curriculum .
 We shared how our home learning platforms have been strategically set up in school in a very short space of time. I would like to thank the opportunity to work with Birmingham Education Partnership to share and discuss good practice with other educators to improve all outcomes for young people. 
Special thanks to Mr Ali, Mrs Gill and Mr Mulla who have been instrumental in getting this setup, launched and our staff trained. I know they have big plans to support families and parents in the future to further improve engagement and support. I very much look forward to see how this new technology can add to the learning and support at Queensbury School. 
Mr C Wilson 
Feedback from BEP: 

“I wanted to thank you for this afternoon’s webinar on online learning at Queensbury, and for allowing us to experience your Zoom Physics lesson.  It was really great to hear about how you have established, and are continuing to develop, online learning provision at your school and to have the opportunity to experience first hand a live online lesson.  I don’t underestimate the skill needed to juggle all the different aspects of the lesson to engage and support the learning of children in the room as well as those at home, but you made it look effortless!  It is always a privilege to visit someone else’s classroom, but I know it’s a little nerve-wracking having others ‘in the room’, so thank you for making us so welcome.  It’s incredibly helpful to see things in practice, so it was wonderful to be able to actually experience the lesson, as well as seeing the presentation and having time to ask questions and explore particular parts of your work in more detail.  Please do also pass on my thanks to your year 10 students for allowing us to share the learning experience with them.”

Emma and the team at BEP – July 2020

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