Growth Mindset Workshop

We would like to again thank parents who attended the Growth Mindset and Wellbeing workshop in October 2019. The feedback received from parents has been invaluable and as a result there are small groups of student’s receiving Wellbeing interventions led by Ms McInerny. Further, we have implemented the Growth Mindset Programme school wide. KS3 and KS4 students will be following the Growth Mindset programme during the morning Ready, Learn and Reflect time on Wednesdays and KS5 during Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Feedback from parent Growth Mindset and Wellbeing workshop.

QuestionsFeedback Scale
Not UsefulPartlyVery Useful
1) I found the information on Growth Mindset useful20%80%
2) I found the information on Mindfulness 10%30%60%
3) I would like my child to learn about Growth Mindset.100%
4) I would like my child to learn about Mindfulness.100%
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