Qualification TypeAwarding BodySpecification TitleSpecification CodeQualification Number (QN)Type of AssessmentLength of Qualification
GCSEAQAEnglish Language8700601/4292/3External Examination3 years
Entry LevelAQAStep up To English5907Controlled Assessment3 years
GCSEAQAMathematics8300601/4608/4External Examination3 years
Level 1TCLArts Award Bronze501/0081/6Portfolio3 years
Entry Level Award OCNWMRSkills for Living & Work Entry Level 1 Entry Level 2 Entry Level 3601/6937/0 601/6940/0 601/6970/9 Portfolio3 years
Entry Level CertificateOCNWMRSkills for Living & Work Entry Level 1 Entry Level 2 Entry Level 3601/7103/0 601/7116/9 601/7172/8Portfolio3 years
Level 1 AwardOCNWMRSkills for Living & Work Level 1601/7063/3Portfolio3 years
Level 1 CertificateOCNWMRskills for Living & Work Level 1601/7164/9Portfolio3 years
Level 2 AwardOCNWMRSkills for Living & Work Level 2601/7066/9Portfolio3 years
Level 1 AwardASDANPersonal EffectivenessLevel 1500/5748/0Portfolio3 years
Level 1 CertificateASDANPersonal EffectivenessLevel 1100/3558/8Portfolio3 years
Entry LevelPrince's TrustPersonal Development & Employability SkillsEntry Level 3600/8034/6Portfolio3 years
Level 1Prince's TrustPersonal Development & Employability SkillsLevel 1600/8032/2Portfolio3 years

If students wish to take a two year route through our sixth form Queensbury will support this option

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