3D English

Autumn 1: All About Me.

Autumn 2: Magic (fairytales)

Spring 1: Settings

Spring 2: Rhyme

Summer 1: News

Summer 2: Project based learning- Time Capsule

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3D Numeracy Skills

Autumn 1: Number Place value. Addition and subtraction (within 5)-or appropriate level.

Shape, space and Geometry. Measurement-money

Autumn 2: Number Place value within 10-or appropriate level Addition and subtraction (within 10). Shape, space and Geometry. Measurement- Time-

Spring 1: Number Place value within 15-or appropriate level Addition and subtraction (within 15) Shape, space and Geometry-Using and applying.

Geometry - Shape, Position & Direction Measurement-mass/weight

Spring 2: Number place value. Number addition and subtraction (within 20)

Data and statistics

Shape, space and Geometry statistics. Measure and capacity.

Summer 1: Number Place value Number-multiplication and division Fractions.

Summer 2: Number doubling and halving Measurement-money Measurement- Time-

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3D Science

Autumn 1: B Senses, C Exploring Senses.

Autumn 2: P Electricity, B Health.

Spring 1: C Changing, P Light.

Spring 2: B Body parts 1, C Grouping

Summer 1: P Sound, B Food drink and exercise

Summer 2: C Separating, P Forces

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3D – PE

Autumn 1: Football/Basketball- HRF/Bleep Test Kurling competition Target throwing, Kurling, mini-trampolines, yoga.

Autumn 2: Basketball/Football Target throwing, Kurling, mini-trampolines, yoga.

Spring 1: Fitness Training- circuits/Indoor Cricket Target throwing, Kurling, mini-trampolines, yoga.

Spring 2: Indoor Cricket/ Racket sports - Short Tennis / Badminton

Summer 1: Athletics/Rounders Kurling/Boccia/Tri-Golf Cricket (wet weather)

Summer 2: Athletics / Rounders/Cricket / HRF -Bleep test

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3D – DT

Autumn 1: Health and Safety and Mobile Phone Holder/ Coat Hanger

Autumn 2: Shoe Tying Aid/ Jigsaw puzzle (Kandinsky shapes!)

Spring 1: Enamelled, Copper Pendant/ Keyring Spring 2: Acrylic Key Tag
Summer 1: Steel Bug / Shopping list holder Summer 2: Steel Bug/ Shopping list holder
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3D – ICT

Autumn 1: ICT Expectations Login/Managing our area on the school network and using a variety of other platform applications

Autumn 2: Online Safety and using a variety of other platform applications

Spring 1: Information Technology – using the Ipad iMovie

Spring 2: Using Word

Summer 1: Using PowerPoint

Summer 2: Using Publisher

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3D – Food

Autumn 1: Practice spreading / grating.

Autumn 2: Practice spreading / grating

Spring 1: Using basic kitchen equipment

Spring 2: Using basic kitchen equipment- Handling pans with support.

Summer 1: Cooker, oven safety

Summer 2: Show a growing ability to wash up and dry equipment independently.

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3D – Personal Development

Autumn 1: Personal Safety

Autumn 2: Personal Safety

Spring 1: Respect and feelings

Spring 2: Respect and feelings

Summer 1: Sex and Relationship Education

Summer 2: Sex and Relationship Education

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3D – Art


Autumn 2: Greek Pottery

Spring 1: Mondrian

Spring 2: Mondrian Continued

Summer 1: Gustav Klimt

Summer 2: Green Man

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3D – RE

Autumn 1: Journeys and Pilgrimages

Autumn 2: Expressing faith

Spring 1: Places of worship

Spring 2: Buddhism

Summer 1: Faith and commitment Summer 2: Social Harmony
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3D – History

Autumn 1: The Romans

Autumn 2: The Romans

Spring 1: The Tudors

Spring 2: The Tudors

Summer 1: The Victorians

Summer 2: The Victorians

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3D – Geography

Autumn 1: The Rainforest

Autumn 2: The Rainforest

Spring 1: The Vikings

Spring 2: The Vikings

Summer 1: Mountains

Summer 2: Mountains

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3D – Self Help & Independence Skills

Autumn 1: Personal Safety

Autumn 2: Personal Safety Road Safety

Spring 1: Personal Hygiene Spring 2: Personal Hygiene
Summer 1: Self-awareness /skills for work Summer 2: Self-awareness /skills for work
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