Sports Day Success in the Sun 

Friday 21st June 2024 

Students and staff participated in Queensbury School’s sports day, some students from New Horizons attended for the main events in the morning and discovery/quest had a specially adapted sports day to ensure all students were able to access and participate. 

We had some incredible team support and encouragement. Staff were a key part in the success of the day and a massive thank you to those that supported the students and ran the events. 

Students were engaged with all events and even if they weren’t active participants they were a fantastic support to those competing.

The day ended with a selection of tug of war challenges with teams vs each other and students were able to enjoy the entertainment of a staff tug of war. 

The sun was shining on us all and a great day was had with many photos to share. Thank you for all staff and students that took part. 

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