World Book Day 2024

There was a definite buzz around the school on Thursday as Queensbury was celebrating World Book Day in style. Both students and staff participated wholeheartedly in the event by dressing up as characters from books. The pupils initially joined in an assembly that informed the students on why reading is important and how they could have difficulty accessing the whole curriculum if they can’t read and understand the text. Equally, they learned how not only is reading a life skill to keep safe in the future but it is an enjoyable pastime to escape the stresses of the day and also enrich and widen their knowledge. Throughout the day the pupils were engaged in fun, creative reading activities including book quizzes, writing lyrics to songs, being illustrators, and designing front covers to name a few. However, the highlight of the day was when local children’s author Alan Stott delivered a presentation about what was the inspiration for his stories and how to develop writing skills. Overall, the day was a huge success promoting a love of reading, inspiring illustrators and authors of the future in a fun and creative way

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