STEM Challenge

We had a STEM challenge at Queensbury on Monday 13th March

To build a chair using only newspapers and tape! 

Students had work as a team to research how to create strong structures from weak materials, build a chair and finally test it by sitting on it. The challenge went very well- although all would have benefited with having a little more time. 

There was a lot of learning from our first attempts and also a lot of successes with some chairs functioning well and others looking really good.  

Judging was very difficult but after a lot of discussion and reviewing the entries a short list of contenders for the top title included: 7N, 6.1 who created great looking chairs and 7Q, 6.1 and 10N who had the best functioning products. 

 The overall winner of this year’s STEM challenge is 6.1. Displaying good teamwork, engineering, style and the winning chair. Well done everyone. 

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