10N – English

Autumn 1: Intro to English Language GCSE

Autumn 2: The Happiness puzzle- what really makes us happy?

Spring 1: Actions and Consequences..

Spring 2: War and Peace.

Summer 1: Out of this World- The Supernatural

Summer 2: Spoken Language Don’t get me started on…

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10N – English Literature AQA GCSE

Autumn 1: Introduction to English Literature.

Autumn 2: C19th Novel – A Christmas Carol

Spring 1: C19th Novel – A Christmas Carol

Spring 2: Poetry (War)

Shakespeare – Macbeth
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10N – Maths

Autumn 1: Calculations Topic: Fraction, percentage and decimal.

Autumn 2: Topic: Angles and Polygons Topic: Working in 2D

Spring 1: Measure and accuracy. Topic: Circle and construction

Spring 2: Calculations 2 Topic: Graphs

Summer 1: Probability Topic: Sequence

Summer 2: Working in 3D Topic: Pythagoras

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10N – Science

Autumn 1: Chemistry 1 C3 Structure and bonding, C4 Chemical calculations, C5 Chemical changes.

Autumn 2: Chemistry 1 C5 Chemical changes conti, C6 Electrolysis, C7 Energy changes.

Spring 1: Physics 1 P1 Conservation and dissipation of energy, P2 Energy transfer by heating, P3 Energy resources. .

Spring 2: Physics 1 P3 Energy resources conti, P4 Electric circuits, P5 Electricity in the home.

Summer 1: Physics 1 P5 Electricity in the home conti, P6 Molecules and matter, P7 Radioactivity. .

Summer 2: Physics 2 P8 Forces in balance, P9 Motion, P10 Forces and motion.

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10N – RE

Spring 1: Islam AQA GCSE

Spring 2: Thematic studies AQA GCSE

Thematic studies AQA GCSE
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10N – Textiles

Autumn 1: Health and safety in the Textiles room and investigations into embroidery.

Autumn 2: Indian Art

Spring 1: Picasso Faces

Spring 2: Picasso Faces

Summer 1: Research Picasso

Summer 2: Pupils select their favourite made piece and present to group, where they will discuss their work.

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10N – Media & ICT

Autumn 1: ICT Expectations Login/Managing our area on the school network Create front cover for folders AQA – 111314 Online safety Level 2

Autumn 2: Theme Park Project TLM IT User Skills Level 1, Unit 105 - Digital Design and Graphics (4 credits) (maps to level 2)

Spring 1: - Digital Editing and Publishing

Spring 2: Unit 102 Improving productivity - Digital Editing and Publishing

Summer 1: Level 1, Unit 4 - IT Security for Users (1 credit)

Summer 2: Unit 103 - Digital Modelling (4 credits)

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10N – Geography

Autumn 1: Natural disasters.

Autumn 2: Natural hazards. The living world.

Spring 1: The Living World

Spring 2: Fieldwork

Physical Landscapes in the UK
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10N – DT

Futuristic Body Adornment (sustained project)
Futuristic Body Adornment (sustained project)
Summer 1: 3D planter/ candle holder

Summer 2: Final Composition

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10N – Art

Autumn 1: Introduction to AQA course Ancient culture

Autumn 2: Africa Art

Spring 1: Japanese Art

Spring 2: Manga

Summer 1: Day of the Dead

Summer 2: Final Composition

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10N – Personal Development

Emotional Wellbeing
Spring 1:Emotional Wellbeing

Spring 2: Sex and Relationship Education

Sex and Relationship Education
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10N – PE

Autumn 1: Football/Basketball (depends on weather) HRF/Bleep Test Kurling competition

Autumn 2: Basketball/Football

Spring 1: Bikeability * Cricket ESE - Fitness Training- circuits

Spring 2: Racket sports Badminton/Table Tennis/short tennis/tennis

Summer 1: Athletics/Rounders Tennis/Racket Sports

Summer 2: Golf * Rounders/Cricket Tennis/Gym (6th form) HRF -Bleep test

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