Experience and Skill Set 

Jade is a Parent Governor, as a Mum to a son who has autism and learning difficulties she is well aware of the impact that a sound special school environment has for each of its pupils.  Having been a governor for her sons primary school she understands the role that the LGB have in monitoring and improving the whole performance of a school and looks at things objectively from both a parents viewpoint and that of staff and financial complexities due to her role within adult  education but her passion is for children to grow and learn in happy and healthy environments. 

Profession and Job Roles 

Prior to being a mum, Jade worked in residential child  care settings, becoming a registered manager with Ofsted. Currently working in adult education she is familiar with Ofsted’s standards and works managing quality and compliance.  Due to her 20 plus years in working in roles supporting growth and development Jade has decided to retrain and is currently studying to become a qualified counsellor. 

About Me 

Jade enjoys getting pleasure from simple things and excitement gained from watching a sunrise or sunset is indescribable. Being a mum that enables her child to thrive and be true to himself has led to a range of learning experiences being undertaken, focussing on autism and learning disabilities, and there is usually a qualification that is being completed. Jade loves holidays and making memories with those closest to her. 


For Jade her true motivation is to make someone’s life a little happier and easier. This can be from providing some advice and guidance; simply listening to someone’s woes or being the cheerleader that a person hasn’t had before. Personal development can be undertaken in many different formats and a good, strong, supportive and happy education setting can make an invaluable difference in a child’s life.