9V – English

Summer 1: Intro to English Language GCSE

Summer 2: The Happiness puzzle- what really makes us happy?

Spring 1: Creating suspense

Spring 2: Creative writing

Summer 1: Out of this World- The Supernatural.

Summer 2: Spoken Language Don’t get me started on…

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9V – English Literature

Shakespeare – Macbeth
19th Century Novel
Poetry (War)
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9V – Maths

Autumn 1: Calculation/addition and subtraction. Fractions and decimals and percentages. Measure and accuracy-Time

Autumn 2: Calculations/ multiplication and division. Measure and accuracy-Money Working in 2d/3d.

Spring1: Algebra Data and statistics Measure and accuracy-weight/length/capacity/volume.

Spring 2: Number /addition and subtraction Ratio/Probability/Sequence

Summer 1: Whole number calculation/ multiplication and division. Fractions and decimals and percentages. Measure and accuracy.

Summer 2: Angles and polygons Working in 2d/3d Measure and accuracy. Algebra

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9V – History

Autumn 1: Getting the vote, Suffragettes.

Autumn 2: WWI 1914-1918

Spring 1: Conflict in the 20th Century

Spring 2: The Holocaust

Summer 1: The Middle East

Summer 2: What’s the best way to bring about change?

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9V – Geography

Summer 1: Map skills

Summer 2: Climate Change

Spring 1: Different ecosystems

Spring 2: Urban issues and concerns

Summer 1: The Physical landscape of the UK

Summer 2: Changing economic world/ resource management.

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9V – Science

Autumn 1: Biology 1 B1 Cell structure and transport, B2 Cell division, B3 Organisation and digestive system.

Autumn 2: Biology 1 B4 Organising animals and plants, B5 Communicable disease.

Spring 1: Biology 1 B6 Preventing and treating disease. B7 Non-communicable diseases, B8 Photosynthesis.

Spring 2: Biology 1 B8 Photosynthesis – cont from Spring 1, B9 Respiration.

Summer 1: Chemistry 1 C1 Atomic structure, C2 Periodic table.

Summer 2: Chemistry 1 C3 Structure and bonding, C4 Chemical calculations.

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9V – PE

Autumn 1: Football/Basketball- HRF/Bleep Test Kurling competition

Autumn 2: Basketball/Football

Spring 1: Fitness Training- circuits/Indoor Cricket

Spring 2: Indoor Cricket/ Racket sports - Short Tennis / Badminton

Summer 1: Athletics/Rounders Kurling/Boccia/Tri-Golf Cricket (wet weather)

Summer 2: Athletics / Rounders/Cricket / HRF -Bleep test

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9V – Personal Development

Managing your Money
Spring 1: Personal Safety

Spring 2: Respect and feelings

Summer 1: Sex and Relationship Education
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9V – Art

Day of the Dead
Spring 1: Pop Art

Spring 2: Lichtenstein

Summer 1: Lichtenstein

Summer 2: Picasso

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9V – Food

Handling pans: Can you show how to use pans safely?
Improving knife skills. Practicing dicing.
Show a growing ability to wash up and dry equipment independently.
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9V – R.E

Autumn 1: Journeys and Pilgrimages

Autumn 2: Faith and commitment

Spring 1: Places of worship

Spring 2: Buddhism

Summer 1: Islam AQA GCSE

Summer 2: Christianity AQA GCSE

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9V – ICT

Autumn 1: Traditional Media (Newspapers) and magazine

Autumn 2: E safety social media

Spring 1: Radio Show

Spring 2: Electronics

Summer 1: Practical project – blog research and marketing

Summer 2: Practical project-Creating Blogs

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9V – DT

Autumn 1: Health and safety Storage for the home

Autumn 2: Pewter casting

Spring 1: Plant Pot holder/ Patio light 1

Spring 2: Plant Pot holder/ Patio light 2.

Summer 1: Tiki Key Rack 1.

Summer 2: Tiki Key Rack 2.

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9V – Self-help & independence

Autumn 1: Personal safety/ First Aid

Autumn 2: Personal safety/ Road safety.

Spring 1: Safety at home/ emergency services

Spring 2: Safety at home/ dealing with a fire

Summer 1: World of work Independence: money

Summer 2: World of work Working world

Download Long Term PlanSelf-help & independence

9V – Emotional Well-being

Autumn 1: Diversity- We are different; we are the same.

Autumn 2: Anger

Spring 1: Social Well-being/interaction

Spring 2: Anxiety and Stress

Summer 1: Self-Esteem

Summer 2: Team Building

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