Misconception in Maths Research

The Maths department at Queensbury School has always been at the pulse of change and we are delighted to be part of a research project on misconceptions in Maths.   

Queensbury Maths Department has been selected as the only special school participant in the West Midlands on this exciting research project to help shape future development and understanding of misconceptions in Maths.

Eedi (diagnostics question) has received a prestigious research grant to help them dive deep into the interconnected nature of children’s misconceptions in mathematics and determine the best way to help support students in resolving them. Specifically, the grants is to help support Key Stage 3 students from low-income families who often underperform in mathematics relative to their more affluent peers.

In return Queensbury has been given free access to the premium version of Eedi for 25 of our students (worth around £2000!) – this includes free access to online, on-demand personalised support from UK maths teachers every day from 9am to 8pm to help their learning.  Queensbury teachers set diagnostic questions on a weekly basis and students give their answer to a series of questions, the students are then asked for the reason for their answer, which is then collated and analysed.  Students receive immediate feedback on their correct or incorrect answers.  

The feedback from students and parents has been positive and happy for their young person to deepen the understanding of misconceptions in Maths for all students across the UK.

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