£2.3 million Investment for new SEND facilities at Queensbury School

Over the last three years we have been working incredibly hard to get the investment the school, students, families, and staff deserve. Equally to update our facilities so that we fully meet the needs of all our children at school. In September we got full planning permission and this week we got confirmation that we can press ahead with our plans for the school, with construction due to commence on the 22nd of November 2021. E Manton Ltd have been awarded the tender through Ridge Construction Consultants with an anticipated build time of 12- 16 Months.

This has been an incredible challenge in recent months with the volatile supply, inflation, and cost issues nationally. The Education Impact Academy Trust working with Birmingham City Council EDSI team and SENAR, Ridge Construction and support from local MP Jack Dromey has resulted in acquiring additional investment to ensure Queensbury School can develop the facilities our students and families deserve.

Executive Headteacher Chris Wilson said, “ For our children to fully unleash their limitless potential, it’s important for our staff to have the right tools to do the job and deliver in state-of-the-art facilities” Since arriving at the school 3 years ago, Chris Wilson, Governors, Trustees and Leadership teams have been driving the agenda to improve facilities, so the school has an infrastructure that supports what we are all trying to achieve at Queensbury School. The Quality of Education is crucial, facilities are one part of the puzzle to ensure better never ends!

Facilities will include:

  • 7 x State of the art SEND classrooms (63m2 – Larger than our current spaces, giving more flexibility to the delivery of the Quality of education)
  • Mentor (Pastoral) Counselling Room
  • Therapy Room
  • 3 x Calm rooms
  • Multi agency Professional Meeting Room
  • Disabled Wet Room
  • New student and staff toilets
  • 3x Offices
  • Integral Storage
  • (Outdoor) Enclosed Nurture court yard / calm space
  • Server room
  • Plant Room
  • Connected to main building preventing students and staff having to combat the weather between lessons
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