LGBT+ History Month

Huge, huge shoutout to Jacob Thorpe⁩ (London LGBT+ Network member) for his YouTube video which you can view here:
We are delighted at *school* to welcome the month of February and the start of LGBT+ History Month.
LGBT+ History Month is recognised at different points in the year by different nations, but it is celebrated by a range of countries all across the world including the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Canada and Germany.
Similarly to other points in the year where we are encouraged to focus on, embrace and celebrate diverse histories and cultures such a Black History Month, International Day, International Women’s Day and religious observances, LGBT+ History Month exists because it is acknowledged that a traditional history education is not always the most inclusive of all histories. LGBT+ History Month exists to address this and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn a history that can make them feel included and proud.
But, learning about and engaging with LGBT+ History Month is important for everybody regardless of whether or not you are LGBT+. Learning the histories of communities that we are not a part of but that we still support is one of the best ways that we can support that community and understand what they experience in the present day.
Fundamentally, LGBT+ History is a really interesting topic and we are excited for the amazing learning opportunities throughout this very special month.

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