Lockdown Poem

Conner in 6.1 has showcased his talent by writing a powerful poem about his experience of Lockdown. Some of his classmates, Mrs Henderson and I were lucky enough to hear him read it over zoom this week. Members of Conner’s family are shielding so he has been living in strict Lockdown since 23rd March. 

Amazing work, Conner!Ms McInerney

Life in Lockdown by Conner Palmer

A few months ago we were living life,Enjoying it well without any strife,
A new enemy arrives to ruin the fun And it shatters our future with a shot from a gun.
The impact hits us like a massive gong,
A panic ensues like a mournful song,

The events that follow are bumpy and long, When in the earth did it all go wrong?

Our world is suffering in fateful ways,
Losses are striking like a silent blaze,
Families suffering are left in a daze,
Will we ever escape this maze?

We all must unite to vanquish this threat,
And pay out a never ending debt,
The NHS are working as fast as a jet,
Saving lives without breaking a sweat.

I hope one day our world is free again and survives in this unforgettable time,
A colossal amount of work needs to be done to restore it to it’s youthful prime.

Never give up and keep on living,
Find the spark that inspires it’s giving.

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