10E – English

Autumn 1: Introduction to Steps Up / Media Campaigns component 1

Autumn 2: Introduction to Steps Up / Media Campaigns component 1

Spring 1: Heroism –Reading Component 2

Spring 2: Heroism –Reading Component 2

Summer 1: Leisure Component 1

Summer 2: Leisure Component 1

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10E – Maths

Autumn 1: N1 Whole Numbers & Calculations: N1b N1d N2 Fractions, Percentages & Decimals: N2d N2g

Autumn 2: N3 Multiples: N3a N4 Estimation & Approximation: N4c N4e

Spring 1: N6 Formulae: N6a N6c N7 Scales & Graphs: N7a N7c

Spring 2: : S1 Shapes & Solids: S1a S1b R449 Coursework Completion

Summer 1: S3 Units & Measures: S3e S3f S3l

Summer 2: D1 Lists & Outcomes: D1c D1d D2 Averages & Trends: D2b D2d

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10E – Science

Autumn 1:B6 Casualty C6 Sorting out P6 Nuclear Power

Autumn 2: B7 You only have one life C7 Let’s get together P7 Our electricity supply

Spring 1: B8 Body Wars C8 Heavy Metals P8 Attractive Forces

Spring 2: B9 Creepy Crawlies C9 Fuels P9 Pushes and Pull

Summer 1: B10 Extinction C10 Let’s get together P10 Medical rays

Summer 2:Entry Level Coursework

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10E – RE

Comparing three religions. (Entry level)

Capital Punishment(Entry Level)
Prejudice and discrimination (Entry Level)
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10E – Media & ICT

Autumn 1: ICT Expectations Login/Managing our area on the school network Create front cover for folders

Autumn 2: Theme Park Project TLM IT User Skills Level EL2/3, Entry Level 2, Unit 7 - Imaging software (2 credits)

Spring 1: Entry Level 3, Unit 3 - Desktop Publishing Software - 2 credits

Spring 2: Entry Level 3, Unit 3 - Desktop Publishing Software - 2 credits

Summer 1: Reflection of units Exam revision Mock tests

Summer 2: Entry Level 3, Unit 8 - IT Security for users (1 credit)

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10E – Textiles

Autumn 1: Health and safety in the Textiles room and investigations into embroidery.

Autumn 2: Indian Art

Picasso Faces

Summer 1: Research an artist or craft person

Summer 2: Pupils select their favourite made piece and present to group, where they will discuss their work.

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10E – DT

Futuristic Body Adornment (sustained project)
Futuristic Body Adornment (sustained project)
Summer 1: Futuristic Body Adornment (sustained project)

Summer 2: Mini investigation

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10E – Art

Autumn 1: Introduction to AQA course Ancient culture

Autumn 2: Indian Art

Spring 1: Japanese Art

Spring 2: Final Composition

Summer 1: Pop Art

Summer 2: Final Composition

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10E – Food

Follow instructions (2cr) OCN Skills for Living &Work
Food preparation and presentation (3cr) OCN Skills for Living &Work
Food preparation and presentation (3cr) OCN Skills for Living &Work
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10E – Personal Development

Emotional Wellbeing
Spring 1: Emotional Wellbeing

Spring 2: Sex and Relationship Education

Sex and Relationship Education
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10E – PE

Autumn 1: Football/Basketball (depends on weather) HRF/Bleep Test Kurling competition

Autumn 2: Basketball / Football

Spring 1: Bikeability *Cricket ESE - Fitness Training- circuits

Spring 2: Racket sports Badminton/Table Tennis/short tennis/tennis

Summer 1: Athletics/Rounders Tennis/Racket Sports

Summer 2: Golf * Rounders/Cricket Tennis/Gym (6th form) HRF -Bleep test

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