Social distancing

Students to use social stories to understand more about social distancing and reminded throughout day. Posters in the classroom and around school to show social distancing. One-way system implemented to minimise any crossover. Stickers on floor to remind about 2m distance. All excess furniture to be removed from rooms to create more space.


Temperature to be taken at entrances. Students to use hand sanitiser on arrival to school. Hand washing/hand sanitiser to be used before break, lunch and end of the day. Hand sanitiser to be used before entering classrooms.

Individual needs

Our school is so special because of individual needs. The pastoral support and class staff will ensure the needs of the children are clearly communicated with other staff through relevant systems.


If a child becomes unwell at school, they will be isolated, supervised by staff in PPE, parents / carers contacted so child can go home. Relevant advice given.

What can students bring in

Apart from essential educational items, one bag to hold their belongings. Phones can be brought into school (Child has access to emergency phone if on transport) but they need to be switched off or may be confiscated for the day and locked away in the class locker. Repeated offenders, parents will be requested to collect phone.

What students can wear

Students to wear clean clothes every day and school uniform wherever possible. If this is not happening class teacher will contact home. We suggest on cold days an extra layer as rooms are being ventilated.

Personal care

Full PPE to be worn and areas cleaned down.