Infection control

Staff must not attend school if they have any Covid19 symptoms

Infection control

Staff are testing twice weekly. Any staff member advised to self-isolate must follow the law.

Staff entrance to school

Staff must enter school via the main entrance and wait for a temperature check before moving on to class bases. Staff to use hand sanitiser after temperature check.

Social distancing

Staff must ensure they honour social distancing guidance. There are times when this is challenging and they need to ensure they keep a measure of time and keep any distance shorter than 2m to a minimum.

They must help our students understand and follow this rules for all.

Key Stage Bubbles MUST NOT mix at break or lunches. Staff to ensure they are 2m from each other where possible especially when not working with the children.

Telephone system to be used to communicate when possible

Bathroom / toilet areas

Full PPE to be worn always when supporting personal care with students.

Staff to use allocated toilets closest to their class. If toilets are in use, please retract safe distance and return a few minutes later. (No queueing)

Remember hand washing is essential!

Break, lunch and toilets for staff

Break and lunch times to be staggered.

Staff clothing

Staff must wear clean clothes every day.