Mini Buses – Birmingham to transport students according to their policy.

Taxi’s – Transported according to their policy.

Infection control

All parents have been instructed not to send their child into school if they are showing ANY signs of illness. This is to safeguard the student and everyone else.

Independent Travelers to be aware of public transport rules:

Drop off locations

Jaffray Crescent – Gates open at 8.30am, prior to this students to remain on buses, escorte to play ground zone with guide. 

Taxi’s to drop off at front of school

Any late buses (eg Traffic)  to drop off at front of school

Collection logistics

  • Students escorted to marked route on playground
  • When route called, students escorted to Sixth Form entrance to embark.
  • Buses depart between 2:55pm – 3:15pm.

End of day