Experience and Skill Set

Nandini Gill works as an Instructor/Cover Supervisor at Queensbury Special school which is situated in North Birmingham. Nandini manages a range of tasks vital for Queensbury’s key development objectives such as: arranging short-term and long-term cover arrangements and liaising with Universities and Colleges to provide placements for young learners aspiring for a career in Education. Her knowledge, skills and experience in the Education field has allowed her to work at practitioner level by taking up a ‘Lead Role’ in implementing online learning platforms such as Purple Mash and Zoom, allowing students to gain access to education.

Profession and Job Roles

Nandini came from a background of running a Clothing Factory with her Partner and her main responsibilities were leading the production department and overseeing supply chain. In 2003, the recession hit the manufacturing sector which led Nandini to change her career path.

She joined Queensbury School as a Lunchtime Supervisor and progressed to becoming a Teaching Assistant. In 2008, she was nominated for the National Teaching Award for being Teaching Assistant of the Year. Furthermore, Nandini took on the role of an Instructor and Cover Supervisor by undertaking relevant qualifications. She also proactively took on extra responsibilities by working on both Website newsfeed and social media management for Queensbury.

Recently, she qualified as an Advisor for Silver Arts Award and has begun her teaching responsibilities to teach Arts Award to Key Stage four and five. 

About Me

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and experimenting with culinary arts. She also has a high interest in fine arts and travelling. Nandini finds honesty, creativity and dedication to be the most valuable qualities for success in every profession.  


At 18 years of age, Nandini came to the U.K only able to speak a couple of words in English. Through her determination and inner strength, she pushed herself to study up to Postgraduate level at University of Worcester specialising in Education and Inclusion.

Her favourite quote is: “Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” Rumi