Symptoms check

All staff and students will have their temperatures checked with a thermal imaging camera at a safe distance prior to entering the school building to make sure nobody with a high temperature enters the building.

Social Distancing measure 1

Cleaners will clean all class bases, toilets, communal spaces used each day, starting at 6:00am and leave the building before staff and students arrive.

Social Distancing measure 2

Cleaners will work in separate zones without having any contact with each other.

Deep cleans

Each class base will be deep cleaned and touch points such as light switches and door handles will be cleaned with antibacterial cleaner.

Cleaning materials

Each class base has its own PPE locker and locked cleaning supply should staff need to take greater measures during the day.  These will be replenished regularly.

Cleaning equipment

Mops and Cloths are washed daily. All liquid cleaning chemicals have be procured specifically for COVID Management.

Cleaning log

Cleaning logs are monitored by our Site Manager. All toilets have checked regularly throughout the day. Fix It (Electronic) system in use for immediate concerns.

PPE Lockers

Class staff are responsible for maintaining excellent hygiene standards, especially if any class groups transfer between lessons. Secure lockers have relevant products to enable any additional cleaning required during the day.

Refuse & Bins

Set PPE bins around school. Refuse double bagged. Regular collection.

Site Team

100% of Site staff have been vaccinated for COVID 19.