9E – English

Autumn 1: Autobiography- Me, my family and my community!

Autumn 2: Travel writing

Spring 1: Class Read

Spring 2: Debating- ‘Don’t get me started on…’

Summer 1: Drama- Macbeth!

Summer 2: Create your own holiday resort!

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9E – Maths

Autumn 1: Whole Numbers and Calculations / Averages & trends

Autumn 2: Lists and Outcomes

Spring 1: N2 Fractions, Percentages and Decimals:

Spring 2: Multiples / Estimation & Approximation

Summer 1: Symmetry & Transformations

Summer 2: Units & Measures

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9E – Science

Autumn 1:

(1) Dead or Alive (B1)

(2) Physical or chemical change (C1)

(3) Getting the message (P1)

Autunm 2:

(1) Babies (B2)

(2) Acids & Alkalis (C2)

(3) Full Spectrum (P2)

Spring 1:

(1) Control Systems (B3)

(2) Everything in it’s place (C3)

(3) Medical rays (P3)

Spring 2:

(1) Fooling your senses (B4)

(2) Clean air and water (C4)

(3) Hot Stuff (P4)

Spring 1:

(1) Fly me to the moon (P11)

(2) Final Frontiers (P12)

Spring 2:

Entry Level Coursework

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9E – Art

Autumn 1: Day of the Dead

Autumn 2: Day of the Dead continued

Spring 1: Pop Art

Spring 2: Lichtenstein

Summer 1: Lichtenstein continued

Summer 2: Lichtenstein/Warhol

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9E – D.T

Autumn 1: Health and Safety Storage for the home

Autumn 2: Pewter Casting

Spring 1: Fan- Simple Circuits

Spring 2: Plant Pot holder/ Patio light.

Summer 1: Tiki Key Rack 1

Summer 2: Tiki Key Rack 2

Download Long Term Plan – DT

9E – Food

Autumn 1: Handling pans: Can you show how to use pans safely?

Autumn 2: Handling pans: Can you show how to use pans safely?

Spring 1: Improving knife skills. Can you show improved knife skills Practising dicing.

Spring 2: Improving knife skills. Can you show improved knife skills? Practising dicing.

Summer 1: Show a growing ability to wash up and dry equipment independently.

Summer 2: Show a growing ability to wash up and dry equipment independently.

Download Long Term Plan – Food

9E – Geography

Autumn 1: Map skills

Autumn 2: Climate Change

Spring 1: Different ecosystems

Spring 2: Urban issues and concerns

Summer 1: The Physical landscape of the UK

Summer 2: Changing economic world/ resource management

Download Long Term Plan – Geography

9E – History

Autumn 1: Getting the vote, Suffragettes.

Autumn 2: WWI 1914-1918

Spring 1: Conflict in the 20th Century

Spring 2: The Holocaust

Summer 1: The Middle East

Summer 2: What’s the best way to bring about change?

Download Long Term Plan – History

9E – ICT

Autumn 1: Digital Literacy / Information Technology

Autumn 2: Digital Literacy/ Computer Science

Spring 1: Computation Thinking

Spring 2: Digital Literacy - Teach ICT

Summer 1: Information Technology

Summer 2: Computer Science Teach ICT

Download Long Term Plan – ICT / Media

9E – Personal Development

Autumn 1: Personal Safety

Autumn 2: Personal Safety

Spring 1: Respect and feelings

Spring 2: Respect and feelings

Summer 1: Sex and Relationship Education Topic 1: Fancying People

Summer 2: Sex and Relationship Education Topic 2: Sexual Orientation

Download Long Term Plan – Personal Development

9E – R.E

Autumn 1: Journeys and Pilgrimages

Autumn 2: Expressing Faith

Spring 1: Places of worship

Spring 2: Buddhism

Summer 1: Faith and commitment

Summer 2: Social Harmony

Download Long Term Plan – RE

9E – P.E

Autumn 1: Football/Basketball HRF/Bleep Test Kurling competition

Autumn 2: Basketball/Football

Spring 1: Indoor Cricket HRF - Fitness Training- circuits

Spring 2: Racket sports Badminton/Table Tennis/short tennis/tennis Indoor Cricket HRF - Fitness Training- circuits

Summer 1: Athletics/Rounders Kurling/Boccia/Tri-Golf Cricket (wet weather)

Summer 2: Athletics / Rounders/Cricket / HRF -Bleep test

Download Long Term Plan – P.E

9E – Textiles

Autumn 1: Introduction to the Textiles/ Health & Safety in Textiles/Digital Media

Autumn 2: : Introduction to Aboriginal Art.

Spring 1: Kandinsky

Spring 2: Pencil case design (Kandinsky Inspired Design)

Summer 1: Basic stitching

Summer 2: Making items for Summer Fete

Download Long Term Plan – Textiles

9E – Self help and Independence

Autumn 1: Personal safety/ First Aid

Autumn 2: Personal Safety

Spring 1: Safety at home/ emergency services

Spring 2: Safety at home/ dealing with a fire

World of work Knowing about myself
Download Long Term Plan – Self help and Independence