8N – English

Autumn 1: Autobiography- My star people!

Autumn 2: Phenomenal Places. Creating my own Travel Brochure.

Spring 1: Story Settings. Can I write an alternative ending to a famous story?

Spring 2: The Poet In Me! Can 8N explore two poets and create a class anthology of poems?

Summer 1: Exploring adverts. The power of persuasion! Healthy Eating.

Summer 2: Being Creative! The writer in Me!

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8N – Maths

Autumn 1: Number and place value Addition and subtraction

Autumn 2: Multiplication and division

Spring 1: Measurement statistic/money/perimeter and length.

Spring 2: Fractions

Summer 1: Measurement Time and Geometry.

Summer 2: Measurement Capacity and Number.

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8N – Science

Autumn 1: (1) Health & Lifestyle B2.1 (2)The Periodic Table C2.1

Autumn 2: Electricity

Spring 1: Ecosystem Processes

Spring 2: (1) Separating Techniques C2.2 (2)Energy P2.2

Summer 1: (1) Adaptation & Inheritance B2.3 (2) Metals & Acids C2.3

Summer 2: (1) Motion & Pressure P2.3 (2) The earth C2.4

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8N – RE

Autumn 1: Christian Parables

Autumn 2: Muslims beliefs

Spring 1: Sikh beliefs

Spring 2: Hindu beliefs

Summer 1: Creation

Summer 2: Miracles

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8N – Drama

Autumn 1: Evacuees+ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Autumn 2: A Christmas carol

Spring 1: Silent Movies

Spring 2: Silent Movies 2 Film making

Drama on TV
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8N – Food

Basic chopping skills: intro to using bridge and claw technique
Weighing/measuring: Demonstrating how to do these skills effectively.
Peeling and grating: Can you show how to do these skills effectively?
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8N – ICT

Autumn 1: ICT Expectations Login/Managing our area on the school network Create front cover for books Online Safety

Autumn 2: I Robot SMSC and Serif draw In this unit, pupils will watch I-Robot to get an understanding of robots and the moral issues behind it. Pupils will then discuss how they feel about robotics as whole class discussions and on task sheets. Pupils will then create a robot images (introduction to serif draw) and create 3 laws, which will make their robot moral. They will justify their reasons and explain why their robot is moral.

Spring 1: Pop Band graphic design by power point

Spring 2: Publisher

Summer 1: Pivot Stick Animator

Summer 2: Scratch for beginners / intermediate

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8N – History

Autumn 1: Challenges to the Catholic Church.

Autumn 2: The English Civil War. 1642-1651.

Spring 1: Changing ideas 1660-1789

Spring 2: The Slave trade

Summer 1: The British Empire

Summer 2: Industrial revolution

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8N – Geography

Autumn 1: Settlements

Autumn 2: Earthquake

Spring 1: Map Skills and locational knowledge.

Spring 2: Natural Disasters.

Summer 1: Sustainability

Summer 2: Study of the Amazon.

Download Long Term Plan – Geography

8N – DT

Autumn 1: Health and Safety Bird Table

Autumn 2: Mechanical toy. Mechanisms.

Spring 1: Acrylic Salad Servers

Spring 2: Steel candle holder 1

Summer 1: Steel candle holder 2

Summer 2: Structures

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8N – Art

Egyptian Art

Keith Haring
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8N – Personal Development

Healthy Ways
Managing your Money
Sex and Relationship Education
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8N – PE

Autumn 1: Swimming/Football/Basketball HRF/Bleep Test Kurling competition

Autumn 2: Swimming/Football/Basketball HRF/Bleep Test Kurling competition

Spring 1: HRF - Fitness Training- circuits/ Swimming Indoor Cricket

Spring 2: Indoor Cricket/ Swimming Racket sports - Short Tennis / Badminton

Summer 1: Swimming Athletics/Rounders Kurling/Boccia/Tri-Golf Cricket (wet weather)

Summer 2: Swimming Athletics / Rounders/Cricket / HRF -Bleep test

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