8N – English

Autumn 1: Autobiography- My star people!

Autumn 2: Phenomenal Places. Creating my own Travel Brochure.

Spring 1: Story Settings. Can I write an alternative ending to a famous story?

Spring 2: The Poet In Me! Can 8N explore two poets and create a class anthology of poems?

Summer 1: Exploring adverts. The power of persuasion! Healthy Eating.

Summer 2: Being Creative! The writer in Me!

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8N – Maths

Autumn 1: Calculation=addition and subtraction. Fractions and decimals and percentages. Measure and accuracy-Money

Autumn 2: Calculations/ multiplication and division. Measure and accuracy-Time Working in 2d/3d.

Spring 1: Algebra Data and statistics Measure and accuracy- Angles and polygons Working in 2d/3d

Spring 2: Number Ratio/Probability/Sequence

Summer 1: Calculation Fractions and decimals and percentages. Measure and accuracy.

Summer 2: Measure and accuracy. weight/capacity/volume.

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8N – Science

Autumn 1: (1) Health & Lifestyle B2.1 (2) The Periodic Table C2.1

Autumn 2: Electricity P2.1

Spring 1: Ecosystem Processes B2.2

Spring 2: (1) Separating Techniques C2.2 (2)Energy P2.2

Summer 1: (1) Adaptation & Inheritance B2.3 (2) Metals & Acids C2.3

Summer 2: (1) Motion & Pressure P2.3 (2) The earth C2.4

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8N – RE

Autumn 1: Christian Parables

Autumn 2: Muslims beliefs

Spring 1: Sikh beliefs

Spring 2: Hindu beliefs

Summer 1: Creation

Summer 2: Miracles

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8N – Drama

Autumn 1: Mystery Pictures

Autumn 2: King Kevin/Missing Dan Nolan (Script)

Spring 1: Silent Movies

Spring 2: Homelessness

Summer 1: I’ve read my daughters diary

Summer 2: Drama on TV

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8N – Food

Basic chopping skills: intro to using bridge and claw technique effectively
Weighing/measuring: Demonstrating how to do these skills effectively.
Peeling and grating: Can you show how to do these skills effectively?
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8N – ICT

Autumn 1: Online Safety

Autumn 2: Robots and morality

Spring 1: Gaming Purple mash software 2d/3d

Spring 2: plan a festival using ppt/word/publisher

Summer 1: Animation

Summer 2: Scratch for Beginners/Intermediate

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8N – History

Autumn 1: Challenges to the Catholic Church.

Autumn 2: The English Civil War. 1642-1651.

Spring 1: Changing ideas 1660-1789

Spring 2: The Slave trade

Summer 1: The British Empire

Summer 2: Industrial revolution

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8N – Geography

Autumn 1: Settlements

Autumn 2: Earthquake

Spring 1: Map Skills and locational knowledge.

Spring 2: Natural Disasters.

Summer 1: Sustainability

Summer 2: Study of the Amazon.

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8N – DT

Autumn 1: Health and Safety Bird Table

Autumn 2: Mechanical toy. Mechanisms.

Spring 1: Acrylic Salad Servers

Spring 2: Steel candle holder 1

Summer 1: Steel candle holder 2

Summer 2: Structures

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8N – Art

Egyptian Art

Keith Haring
Download Long Term Plan – Art

8N – Personal Development

Healthy Ways
Managing your Money
Sex and Relationship Education
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8N – PE

Autumn 1: Swimming/Football/Basketball HRF/Bleep Test Kurling competition

Autumn 2: Swimming/Football/Basketball HRF/Bleep Test Kurling competition

Spring 1: HRF - Fitness Training- circuits/ Swimming Indoor Cricket

Spring 2: Indoor Cricket/ Swimming Racket sports - Short Tennis / Badminton

Summer 1: Swimming Athletics/Rounders Kurling/Boccia/Tri-Golf Cricket (wet weather)

Summer 2: Swimming Athletics / Rounders/Cricket / HRF -Bleep test

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8N – Self-help & independence

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