7E – English

Autumn 1: Who am 1? Introducing autobiography

Autumn 2: Magical Stories. Traditional stories

Spring 1: Our favourite places!

Spring 2: Rap and Rhyme

Summer 1:Read All About It! (News) Fact Vs Fiction.

Summer 2: : All About Birmingham! Research based project.

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7E – Maths

Autumn 1:Number & place value. Measurement

Autumn 2: Number multiplication and division. Geometry (measurement)

Spring 1: Measurement. And statistics

Spring 2: Number & place value.

Summer 1: Fractions Geometry

Summer 2: Geometry

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7E – Science

Autumn 1: Intro to lab B Body parts and senses

Autumn 2: C Grouping and classifying

Spring 1: P Electricity

Spring 2: B Keeping Healthy

Summer 1: C Acids and Alkalis

Summer 2: P Light

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7E – RE

Autumn 1: Belonging and looking for God

Autumn 2: Christian beliefs

Spring 1: Jewish beliefs

Spring 2: Easter

Summer 1: God

Summer 2: Angels

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7E – ICT

Autumn 1: ICT Expectations Login/Managing our area on the school network Create front cover for books Keyboard skills

Autumn 2: E-Safety

Spring 1: Technology – using the iPad iMovie

Spring 2: Using Word

Summer 1: Using PowerPoint

Summer 2: Using Publisher

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7E – History

Autumn 1: The Norman Conquest

Autumn 2: Medieval England (1066-1485)

Spring 1: The Crusades

Spring 2: The problems with Medieval Monarchs

Summer 1: The Black Death 1347-1359

Summer 2: Migration

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7E – Geography

Autumn 1: Introduction to the UK.

Autumn 2: Oceans

Spring 1: Europe

Spring 2: Water

Summer 1: Rivers and Coasts

Summer 2: Climates

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7E – DT

Autumn 1: Health and Safety and Mobile Phone Holder

Autumn 2: Shoe Tying Aid

Spring 1: Enameled, Copper Pendant

Spring 2: Acrylic Key Tag

Summer 1: Steel Bug 1

Summer 2: Shopping list holder

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7E – Art

Autumn 1: Base line test and colour wheel

Autumn 2: Vincent Van Gogh

Spring 1: Gustav Klimt

Spring 2: Gustav Klimt part 2

Summer 1: The Green man

Summer 2: Aboriginal art

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7E – Food

Safety and hygiene in the kitchen
Using basic kitchen equipment
Cooker, Oven safety
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7E – Personal Development

Making a start

Sex and Relationship Education
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7E – PE

Autumn 1: Football/Basketball- HRF/Bleep Test Kurling competition

autumn 2: Basketball/Football

Spring 1: Fitness Training- circuits/Indoor Cricket

Spring 2: Indoor Cricket/Racket sports - Short Tennis / Badminton

Summer 1: Athletics/Rounders Kurling/Boccia/Tri-Golf Cricket (wet weather)

Summer 2: Athletics / Rounders/Cricket / HRF -Bleep test

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7E – Drama

Autumn 1: Introduction to drama skills - incorporating the use of facial expression, body language, gesture and use of voice.

Autumn 2: Pantomime Developing pantomime stock characters. Students will develop creative stories based on pantomime to develop performance

Spring 1: Pupils will experiment with gesture and movement. Pupils will Show characters through movement using exaggerated gestures and movement

Spring 2: Characterisation Students will explore the characterization process through a number of different stimuli, including pictures, play scripts, story books, film clips and poems.

Summer 1: Super heroes Students will explore Superhero characters and their qualities. Exploring through gesture and movement and facial expressions

Summer 2: Roald Dahl stories Pupils will develop an understanding of the Roald Dahl stories. Show aspects of the story through different drama techniques

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